***Parallelism between Wolfsegg in the novel "Extinction", by Thomas Bernhard and Dolores de Pacheco (Murcia,Spain), the little and remote town where I grow up.

Dolores- Wolfsegg
Let's talk about Wolfsegg Murau,
About New York and Rome,
About Helsinki and París,
About the shelters and the bad omen,
because the shadow does not escape its shadow,
and the escape will not be enough denying,
They will want you to cry in public at your headstone;
how to hold someone who knows the names,
with what costume can they retain
Those who wanted to escape on time,
how to remove the root.
The exasperation comes from being born in the desert,
Without guilty,
In the barren land,
Without responsibles
Did we cheat Murau?

Perhaps we corrected the Akashic records?
 were we innocent believing That change of continent would Indeed, a real change?
And women who were pregnant, are pregnant again when we came back;
and they will look at us asking,
why are you running away?
 and those who were always alone, dug even more solitude,
and trembling they will ask to us,
why are you running away?;
And those who were unemployed, remain out of work when we return
And without understanding
they will ask to us,
 why are you running away?
 And the parents, elderly sick,
Are less parents each time.
And children, priests, housewives, farmers, neighbors, cleaning ladies,
school friends, shopkeepers,
 all but immigrants will look us asking: why are you running away?
Wolfsegg, Dolores can not be reached by train,
So there are no tourists,
There is Nothing to see Murau, everything is hidden,
The land of the pain is hidden
in the countryside
Because pain is hidden in the maps, Murau, it have to hidden,
 scandal it is hidden,
everybody knows
But they pretend to ignore it.
Thus, the woman sleeps every night secretly,
With the man who has a restraining order, against her;
That's why the hairdresser once again,
denied to have found her husband having sex with another man.
And the pregnant adulteress says
that she was raped by an African.

Murau this is the town,
and everyone knows the rules.

women cut their hair when they get married;
Thursdays and Saturdays is the mass.
In the supermarket people act,
In the doctor's office and in the church people have to act.
How dare you, Murau,
To not applaud,
To come here talking about Rome. Who cares where you sleep,
What is out there,
You must understand that what comes out of here Quench.
You live when you arrive here
and you die when you leave,
No matter who you are or what you do elsewhere,
What are you here for if not to stay? And yet you will come back
And is This the uprooting.

Those who spend the summer in the village,
Those who speak about the charm of the village,
have not grown in the village,
They will die without knowing what they're talking about.